Do one Jack – it’s Joe’s turn to hit the road

Travelling’s in our bones at Joe Browns which is why we’re uber excited to show you our new spring collection, inspired by our love of just getting out there!

You can’t beat that feeling when you get in a car, plane or bus knowing you’re heading for a completely unplanned, unscripted adventure -especially when it’s with the people you know can have you in uncontrollable hysterics at least once a day.

So our plan for this season was simple – we didn’t have one!

We wanted our new spring outfits to reflect our love of being curious, free (and just a little bit mischievous!), combined with our passion for vibrant colours, unique designs and ultimate appetite for just having fun.

Obviously we’d love to tell you about every single piece in the new collection but 1.) There are rather a lot and 2.) You can see them all here anyway!

So here’s a couple of our favourites we reckon you’re going to love…

Totally Tropical Dress 


This piece is stunning – it’s so feisty and colourful. It’s also in scuba stretch fabric and a really flattering cut.


Wow Factor Jacket 


Inspired by the colourful birds of South America the embroidered front detail gives it, well, a real ‘wow factor’.


Fabulous Cut Out Ankle Boots

bootsThese easy everyday boots have cut out details and an edgy yet pretty vibe.


And for the gentlemen…


A Gentleman’s Blazer no less!


Fully lined with inner pockets and cuff button detailing, you can dress down your formal look or dress up to feel ‘snappy’ for any occasion.


Perfect Paisley Shirt 


A staple shirt for your spring wardrobe.


Joe’s Suede Brogues 

FW190A (1)In beautiful smokey grey suede with classic stitching and contrasting laces, these brogues with a twist let you play by your own rules.

Get involved and tell us your favourite piece from the new collection.


A Sophisticated Tipple

We love looking to the Far East for inspiration for both oriental designs and the odd beverage!

The Oriental Cocktail is a classic.

Unfortunately none of its ingredients actually hail from that side of the globe, but it was probably quite exotic at the time and reminded someone of their travels there.

It’s really quick to do, refreshingly different and surprisingly tasty…










  • 1 1/2 ounces Rye Whisky  
  • 3/4 ounce sweet vermouth 
  • 3/4 ounce Cointreau 
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice
  • Cherry garnish

From getting in the front door to having it in your hand: 3 minutes
Enough for: Just you – double up for a mate


  1. Add all ingredients in a mixing glass or cocktail shaker.  
  2. Add ice and shake vigorously. 
  3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  4. Garnish with a cherry.

For one last January bargain the Oriental Wrap Jersey Dress is currently in the sale at just £29.95.

Have you got any oriental inspired favourites?

Weird and Wonderful Greetings

Our Fun N Foxy Scarf and Flip Top Gloves are sure to spark up a conversation as you brave this chilly weather.

Foxy Scarf

Foxy mittens


This got our guys in the office thinking about other quirky ways people break the ice.

After a little bit of exploration we stumbled upon some weird and wonderful greetings travellers have come across on their adventures.

So if you’re lucky enough to be venturing off to somewhere remote, here’s a few to be prepared for…


In New Zealand the traditional Maori welcoming custom involves the rubbing or touching of noses – Tip: Maybe keep your eyes open to avoid misjudging the distance and ending up with a sore nose!

It might be bad manners in other areas of the world but in Tibet poking your tongue out is a customary way to welcome people.

The traditional welcome at the Polynesian island of Tuvalu involves pressing your face to the other person’s cheek and then taking a deep sniff. (Maybe lay off the garlic the night before!)

We’d love to hear of any others you’ve encountered – who knows, maybe we can all get a little closer in the mornings with a good cheek sniff!

Joe’s alternative resolution

If you’re like us, you’ve heard just about enough flaky New Year’s promises by now.

Here are a couple we found that made us chuckle…!

“Don’t spend too much time wearing pants”

“Stop using my cat as an excuse for a boyfriend”


“Make a handful of people believe I’m normal before blindsiding them with my actual personality”

“Do less laundry and use more deodorant”


Can you beat these?

So with all this talk of resolutions, we got the guys in the office to put their heads together and think of a Joe’s inspired resolution that could actually last beyond February…

Keely – “I’m going to surprise one of my friends on their doorstep with breakfast – just because!”

Seb – “At least once I’m going to do all my food shopping from the ‘World Foods’ section and see what I can come up with!”

Emily – “I’m going to make sure I do something that is a little bit spontaneous, like get my boyfriend to drive somewhere with me blindfolded, directing left and right and have a picnic wherever we end up!”

If you’ve got the travel bug and want to see more of the world (or your own country!), why not make it your goal to visit 5 exciting places you’ve always wanted to go and take a quick snap of yourself in each place?

Like visiting the bustling markets of Marrakesh, snorkelling in Malta or horse riding in the New Forest? Or it could simply be going into that museum you pass on your way to work or venturing into a different takeaway and ordering something other than a Korma.

Be imaginative – the world’s your oyster!

And Happy New Year!

Christmas Competition Winners!

We can’t decide between turkey or beef and the scissors have decided to play hide and seek with the sticky tape: Christmas is upon us!

And for some lucky people Christmas has come early!! Check this video and find out whether you’re one of the Joe Browns #whatifxmas Competition winners.

Thank you everyone for entering and well done to the winners.

Merry Christmas!

What if Christmas was crackers this year?

Share your cracking Christmas pictures with us on Facebook for your chance to win an unforgettable break in Paris, more wine that you can drink (at once, anyway) and many more prizes!
Join in the fun on Facebook. #whatifxmas


Joe Browns Christmas competition #whatifxmas – details can be found here.
Want to know who has already won one of the prizes? Check it out here>

Who Said Friday Should Be Black?

Today is now known around the world as ‘Black Friday’, we love bright colours and bold prints so I’m sure like us you’re thinking…why the dull name?!

As you probably know Black Friday started in America and is the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s now one of, if not THE, biggest shopping day of the year in the US. As for its gloomy name, there are a variety of different explanations, some more believable than others!

We think the most likely explanation is that the term was started by the Philadelphia Police Force because of the chaos caused by the stampeding shoppers and treacherous traffic as everyone rushed to buy their Christmas goodies…Maybe there’s some things it’s better to not know!

Quaffable or Full-Bodied?

Given the amount of bottles up for grabs in our #whatifxmas competition (you can enter here), we are talking a lot about wine in the office these days.

And of course there’s always one smart cookie in the corner to come up with adjectives we have never heard of before! So we thought we would create a dummy guide to describing wine; we hope you find it useful!

When talking about the smell of a wine in general, use aroma or bouquet.

If a wine is a bit too sweet, it is somewhat more complementary to say it’s rich.

If its colour is very clear with no cloudiness, just say it is brilliant.

When a red is full of flavours and nearly velvety, you can call it unctuous.

If in doubt you are usually fine referring to anything from the fruit bowl (or the seasoning rack actually): wines can be plumy, peppery, herbaceous or even berrylike.

And of course we have all tried wines that were not that good (they usually felt even worse the morning after). If you want to be diplomatic about it, there are many adjectives to describe a wine without hurting your host’s feelings:

  • tart instead of ‘super acidic, it’s like vinegar mixed with lemon juice’
  • lean instead of ‘not much flavour, it’s just alcoholic squash’
  • earthy instead of ‘woody, this has stayed in the barrel for too long’
  • astringent instead of ‘this is just cheap plonk that doesn’t really taste of anything’

Of course, pick your audience so you don’t become the smart cookie in the corner when speaking so sophistically!


Regardless of how you describe it, do you prefer red or white?

What if you could say it in a tweet?

This week is all about words. Characters actually. 140 of them to be precise. You got it, we’re running the competition on Twitter.


It could not be easier to enter: just tell us your Christmas wish starting your tweet with What if, and don’t forget to use #whatifxmas and @joebrowns.

It can be quirky. It can be daring. For sure it will be good fun. What if you won a city break in Paris? #whatifxmas @joebrowns

Joe Browns Christmas competition #whatifxmas – details can be found here.

Want to know who won last week? Check it out here>

Un café, s’il vous plait

The top prize in our #whatifxmas competition is a fabulous city break in Paris: 3 nights in a four-star hotel and transport (flights or Eurostar), courtesy of The Travel Club and K+K Hotel Cayré. Don’t miss out and enter here.

The hotel is very central, in the trendy 7th quarter and here are Parisian gems to discover nearby.

Museums: if you like impressionists, a must-see is L’Orangerie where you will discover ‘Les Nymphéas’, one of Monet’s sumptuous collections. The artist painted water lilies at different time of the day and the small gallery takes you on an idyllic journey through romantic gardens. We strongly recommend you pre-book as it has small capacity and the queues can be long.


Where to eat: le marché St-Germain is a stone-throw away from the hotel and has an array of bistrots and restaurants offering good value for money in a traditional atmosphere. Marché Saint-Germain, 14, rue Lobineau. Just walk down Boulevard St Germain from the hotel and you will find the market square on your right-hand side.

Where to drink: you are surrounded by world-famous cafés where that are perfect to spot intellectuals, journalists and, you know, tourists. Head to Les Deux Magots (6 place Saint-Germain-des-Prés) or Café de Flore (172 Boulevard Saint-Germain) for a somewhat overpriced drink but a guaranteed true Parisian experience.


Have you ever been to Paris and what did you think?